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Meta SaaS is a product that helps you cancel other products. Like Cardlife and Cleanshelf, Meta SaaS looks at all of your software-as-a-service subscriptions and tells you which ones you use and, more important, which ones you don't. Founded by Arlo Gilbert and Scott Hertel, the product raised $1.5 million [...]
There's been much talk of ICOs — initial coin offerings — amid the rising value of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Now the industry is about to see its first ‘big name' move into the space after Kik announced plans to introduce its own cryptocurrency via a token sale. [...]
Rocket Lab has made history today, launching an orbital-class rocket to space from a private launch facility for the first time ever. The launch took place at 16:23 NZST (9:23 PM PT) on Thursday, using one of Rocket Lab's Electron rockets which took off from Rocket Lab Complex 1 in [...]
College is supposed to be a life-defining experience–but that doesn't mean students always graduate with all the skills they need to build their lives. Paragon One, an online career coaching service and mentor marketplace, wants to fill in the gaps. The startup announced that it has raised $1.9 million in [...]
A new wealth management startup called Prumentum Group is coming to market with a unique value proposition, looking to combine the technology chops of a roboadvisor with the human touch of a registered investment advisor. To do so, the company has built a tech platform, raised $25 million in funding, [...]
Complex indoor environments such as airports and shopping malls can be a nightmare to find your way around. And while Google is eyeing smartphones with 3D sensors as one potential fix for places GPS won't accurately reach, another approach is to kit out an interior with lots of Bluetooth beacons [...]
Tanium hasn't had the best year, but a new stock sale is telegraphing that while the company may be down, it's far from out. This morning, the 10-year-old, Emeryville, Ca.-based company, whose technology enables organizations to continuously scan all endpoints in a network to detect vulnerabilities and unmanaged devices, is [...]
Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi made a big splash when it announced the the Mi Max, its much-heralded device with a near bezel-less display, last year — now we have a follow-up phone. The Mi Max 2, unveiled today at an event in Beijing, will be available in China from June [...]
Google's AlphaGo AI has once again made the case that machines are now smarter than man — when it comes to games of strategy, at least. AlphaGo made its name last year when it defeated high-profile Go player Lee Sedol 4-1, but now it has beaten the world's best player [...]
SoftBank, known for investing in ridesharing apps that aren't Uber, has added another startup to its list. This time it's a $100 million bet on 99, the largest ridesharing company in Brazil. Read More [...]


An anonymous reader quotes a report from the Thomas Reuters Foundation: Nearly nine in 10 people say they are ready to make changes to their standard of living if it would prevent future climate catastrophe, a survey on global threats found Wednesday. The survey of more than 8,000 people in [...]
The Department of Defense has selected Boeing to make a new hypersonic spaceplane that can be reused frequently over a short period of time to deliver multiple satellites into orbit. "DARPA, the agency that tests new advanced technologies for the military, has picked Boeing's design concept, called the Phantom Express, [...]
New submitter boundary writes: The UK government looks to be about to put the most egregious parts of the Investigative Powers Act into force "soon after the election" (which is in a couple of weeks) in the wake of the recent bombing in Manchester. "Technical Capability Orders" require tech companies [...]
schwit1 quotes a report from Vocativ: The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles has been caught using facial recognition software -- despite a state law preventing it. Documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont describe such a program, which uses software to compare the DMV's database of names [...]
Facebook has signed deals with Vox Media, BuzzFeed, ATTN, Group Nine Media and others to make shows for its upcoming video service, which will feature long and short-form content with ad breaks. The social media company is reportedly set to pay up to $250,000 for the longer, scripted shows. Reuters [...]
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Mushrooms are the safest of all the drugs people take recreationally, according to this year's Global Drug Survey. Of the more than 12,000 people who reported taking psilocybin hallucinogenic mushrooms in 2016, just 0.2% of them said they needed emergency medical [...]
The first robot officer has joined the Dubai Police force tasked with patrolling the city's malls and tourist attractions. "People will be able to use it to report crimes, pay fines and get information by tapping a touchscreen on its chest," reports BBC. "Data collected by the robot will also [...]
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Back in February, Microsoft made the surprising announcement that the Windows development team was going to move to using the open source Git version control system for Windows development. A little over three months after that first revelation, and about 90 [...]
An anonymous reader shares an article: Andy Maguire faces a challenge: tasked with upgrading HSBC's digital-banking systems, he has discovered that customers are twice as likely to trust a robot for heart surgery than for picking a savings account. "I do find it slightly odd," said the chief operating officer [...]
In an effort to fill the demand for trained data scientists, Airbnb will be running its own university-style program, complete with a custom course-numbering system. Since traditional online programs like Coursera and Udacity weren't getting the job done because they weren't tailored to Airbnb's internal data and tools, the company [...]


It's been a long time coming but Belkin is almost ready to rollout Apple HomeKit support for its WeMo smart home gear. Belkin just announced the WeMo Bridge for HomeKit that it says will bring HomeKit compatibility to over 2 million WeMo solutions on the market. Owners of the Bridge [...]
T-Mobile is announcing today that its Digits service, which has been in beta testing since late last year, will be available to all of its customers starting next Wednesday, May 31st. Digits allows T-Mobile customers to synchronize multiple phones, tablets, computers, smartwatches, and other devices to their phone numbers, similar [...]
A ton of things happened at Google I/O, but somehow the biggest news from last week was never even mentioned on stage: the latest version of Android will kill the blob-style emoji and replace them with circular ones that are more consistent with those from iOS, Twitter, Facebook, Samsung, and [...]
HTC is unveiling a new VR headset today, designed to work with the company's latest U11 smartphone. The new HTC Link includes six degrees-of-freedom tracking, a first for a smartphone-based VR headset, and appears to use an external camera sensor to track its motion controllers with lights (much like Sony's [...]
Aerospace startup Rocket Lab launched its experimental Electron rocket for the first time from New Zealand today — marking the first of three test flights the company hopes to do this year before the vehicle begins commercial launches. While the rocket successfully made it to space three minutes after take [...]
AlphaGo has again defeated Ke Jie, the world's number one Go player, in their second game, meaning the AI has wrapped up the three-part match. The victory over Ke, universally considered the best Go player in the world, essentially confirms that AlphaGo has surpassed human Go ability a little over [...]
Taiwanese company Gogoro is rolling out an all-new electric scooter called the Gogoro 2 Smartscooter. But instead of the futuristic look that turned so many heads when the company came out of stealth at CES 2015, Gogoro is trying to put a modern spin on the classic scooter look with [...]
TV series are shaped by the format of TV network programming — half-hour or one-hour blocks, with or without space for commercial breaks, depending on the network. But more and more people are watching them on mobile phones and tablets, while TV companies are becoming more and more closely intertwined [...]
Netflix is becoming a comedy juggernaut, showing just how much the network has grown compared to its competition. Variety reports that the company is working with Ellen DeGeneres for a standup special. The effort would be DeGeneres' first special in 15 years, and adds fuel to the argument that Netflix [...]
There are lots of drones out there that can do all sorts of things like fly around, take pictures and video, or even lift a human. But how many can swim? Meet the Splash Drone 3, the latest drone from SwellPro. It's fully waterproof, and while it can't quite swim, [...]



The UK should keep its doors open to global talent after Brexit, Sir Jonathan Ive tells the BBC. [...]
Sir Jonathan Ive says Britain must keep its doors open to top talent if tech firms are to thrive. [...]
Chinese Go player Ke Jie has lost two games of Go to Google's artificial intelligence. [...]
But they are accurate at measuring heart rate, a study of seven devices has found. [...]
The test launch is a step towards sending small satellites into orbit for cheap on a frequent basis. [...]
People will be able to use it to report crimes, pay fines and get information in Arabic and English. [...]
The tennis player has been appointed to the board of SurveyMonkey and pledged to fight for diversity. [...]
Technology companies will now be able to introduce the flag to their software. [...]
Experts say its success will depend on how much people are willing to pay to indulge their nostalgia. [...]
A new product from Google will link the clicks on ads with offline spend to prove digital ads work. [...]


We all have to work unless you are one of the 'rich kids of Instagram'or a member of Kardashian-Jenner family. Jobs are essential to pay our bills, to make progress in life and to fulfill life goals. However, not everyone is lucky enough to spend their time working in their [...]
Is your boss a control freak or someone who likes hogging all the limelight? In all probability, he or she is neither. May be your boss hasn't mastered the art of delegation yet. The most successful and wanted team leaders are ones who know how to delegate work.You can make [...]
"When candidates are feeling desperate, negative or cynical, the employer can smell it a mile away," says Ford Myers, author of Get the Job You Want Even When No One's Hiring. The moment you come across as someone desperately in need of the job, the employer will take a step [...]
Photo by Maura24Headlines say the job market is improving, but it's more likely that it's just changing-the gig economy has saved workers from unemployment, but it's also kept a lot of them from earning a full-time wage. Speaking of which, wage growth is in the toilet. It's not all doom [...]
Starting a career comes with a lot of challenges. How you deal with these challenges will have a profound impact on the early course of your career. Most often, you will find yourself out of your comfort zone, struggling to make an impact in your early days. But the progress [...]
So, you finally woke up after snoozing the alarm for multiple times. Checked your Facebook, got freshened up, and stood in front of the mirror figuring out what to wear, only to realize that you are already late for work. You rush out to the office and do your work [...]
Image from Hamza Butt.Job interviews are nerve-wracking enough-and then you get hit with an odd question like "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?"AdvertisementIf you know why these types of questions are being asked, however, chances are better that you can get at what your [...]
Everyone agrees that taking regular breaks is essential for achieving peak productivity. However, recent research shows that you can improve your creativity and problem-solving skills, depending on how you take breaks. No matter when you take your breaks, you should be scheduling them, says a recent study titled 'Switching on [...]
Your Facebook News Feed is about to change, yet again, and it's because the social media giant wants you to be better informed.Facebook announced Wednesday that it is rolling out a new update over coming months to ensure users stop seeing posts and ads on their News Feed linking out [...]
Worried that robots will someday snatch your job away? People with personality traits such as great interpersonal skills, intelligence and vocational interests may be less likely to fall victim to automation, researchers say.Machine learning and big data will allow the number of tasks that machines can perform better than humans [...]