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Just over a year ago Cisco bought Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion, and with that transaction, created the company's IoT cloud business. This week, Cisco is making a series of announcements at Mobile World Congress related to expanding the platform. When a startup like Jasper gets acquired by a big [...]
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The de facto head of Samsung, Jay Y. Lee, is facing the potential of years behind bars after South Korean prosecutors said today that they intend to indite him on bribery charges, the Wall Street Journal reported. Lee was arrested earlier this month on bribery, embezzlement, and perjury charges related [...]
Walmart is today rolling out an updated app that will allow those visiting the store's Pharmacy or Money Services desk to skip having to wait in line, the company says. After entering their personal information in the app, customers can order prescription refills or fill out other necessary paperwork from [...]
SpaceX is looking to fly two people around the moon and back late next year, Handle is Boston Dynamics' newest robot, Pocket is Mozilla's first acquisition, Uber fires exec for undisclosed harassment and WeWork gets a $4 billion investment from SoftBank. All this on Crunch Report. Read More [...]
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The problem with the ongoing discourse on innovation is that it doesn't answer the fundamental question of what exactly is meant by the term. Rather, we are inundated with simplistic calls for more innovation in government and complaints about why there isn't enough. Read More [...]
PebblePost is betting that there's a big marketing opportunity in printed postcards and catalogs. The startup is announcing that it has raised $15 million in Series B funding. The round was led by RRE Ventures, with participation from Greycroft Partners and Tribeca Ventures. RRE's Jim Robinson is joining the PebblePost board [...]
Skype, the Microsoft-owned service that helped pioneer and popularize the rise of voice and video calls over the internet, is killing off one of the features that it added in later years to try to make the service more ubiquitous, especially among roaming users: on March 31, the company is [...]
SUNNYVALE, CA - MAY 23:  A sign is posted in front of the Yahoo! headquarters on May 23, 2014 in Sunnyvale, California.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Since Yahoo disclosed two mega-breaches late last year, its executives have met almost daily with CEO Marissa Mayer for working sessions focused on improving the company's cybersecurity posture. Employees have also received weekly security presentations from Yahoo CISO Bob Lord at the company's all-hands meetings. The new working sessions and [...]
Record labels refuse to allow streaming of remixes and hour-long DJ sets unless copyright owners get paid for every little sample. Dubset just raised $4 million to handle that legal mess so Spotify and Apple Music can offer these types of music which used to live illegally on SoundCloud. “This [...]
Elon Musk promised some SpaceX news today, and it looks like it just made its way out: the company is going to send two people on a trip around the moon. But don't go get fitted for your spacesuit just yet: the two people have already been picked, and SpaceX [...]


An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The operator of a drone that knocked a woman unconscious was sentenced Friday to 30 days in jail, Seattle prosecutors said. The woman was attending a local parade when the drone crashed and struck her. Paul Skinner, a 38-year-old man from [...]
schwit1 quotes a report from ScienceAlert: Researchers have noted the first signs of obesity in the native ethnic groups of the Yamalo-Nenets region -- an autonomous district that sits on the coast of the Arctic Ocean in Northwest Siberia. According to local experts, obesity has not previously existed in these [...]
Artem Tashkinov quotes a report from Medical Xpress: The World Health Organization has issued a list of the top dozen bacteria most dangerous to humans, warning that doctors are fast running out of treatment options. WHO said the most-needed drugs are for germs that threaten hospitals, nursing homes and among [...]
Today, FCC commissioner Ajit Pai confirmed that his agency would not review AT&T's Time Warner purchase, clearing the way for the Justice Department to likely approve the deal. Engadget reports: Last month, AT&T revealed how it might structure its deal to acquire Time Warner without having to go through FCC [...]
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Popular Mechanics: Back at the beginning of February, a leaked video showed the newest creation from Boston Dynamics -- a wheeled humanoid robot called "Handle." Now the secretive maker of amazing robots has released the full introduction video, revealing some of Handle's brand [...]
MojoKid writes: LG recently unveiled the new G6 smartphone, going completely back to the drawing board versus its predecessor -- the not so well-received G5. In its place is a very compact aluminum unibody design and a large 5.7-inch QHD+ display with a 2880x1440 resolution. That display is the main [...]
A battle is raging between telecommunications giants and the public is benefiting from it. In response to T-Mobile's "One" unlimited data plan announced in August, Verizon introduced unlimited data plans of their own a couple of weeks ago. This caused a ripple effect as Sprint and AT&T unveiled new unlimited [...]
Today, SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced that in 2018, the company will fly two private citizens around the Moon in its Dragon 2 spacecraft, carried by its Falcon Heavy rocket. "While the voyagers' names have not been disclosed, according to SpaceX, a 'significant deposit' has already been made," Gizmodo reports. [...]
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Recode: Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser, is buying Pocket, the read-it-later service, for an undisclosed amount. Pocket, which is described by Mozilla as its first strategic acquisition, will continue to operate as a Mozilla subsidiary. Founder Nate Weiner will continue [...]
"If you are starting to look ahead what do you see?" a journalist asked Netflix CEO Reed Hastings at the Mobile World Congress. An anonymous reader shares a report: Hastings cited the work of Charlie Booker on "Black Mirror," saying "He tells many strange and wonderful stories on tech," and [...]


Samsung's heir apparent, Lee Jae-yong, will be indicted on multiple charges including bribery and perjury in his native South Korea, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg report. The country's special prosecutor plans to indict Lee along with another four executives, a spokesperson for the body told reporters on Tuesday, in [...]
Actor Bill Paxton has been memorialized by storm chasers in Oklahoma after the Twister star died at the age of 61. More than 200 people used GPS coordinates to spell out "BP" over Wakita, Oklahoma — the town where much of the tornado-centric movie was shot — in honor of [...]
Less than a year after launching its subscription service, SoundCloud is already making changes to its offering. SoundCloud is introducing a mid-tier offering for $4.99 a month that will remove ads and add offline support to the standard SoundCloud experience. The mid-tier offering will be called SoundCloud Go, while the [...]
YouTube users are now watching more than a billion hours of videos every single day, the company has announced. Put back-to-back, that's more than 100,000 years of footage, split between the millions of YouTube users across the world. The company announced the figure in a blog post published on Monday, [...]
Longtime gaming industry leader Peter Moore is leaving his position at Electronic Arts to take on a different kind of gaming: professional soccer. Moore, who currently runs EA's e-sports division, will soon take over as CEO of the Liverpool Football Club — a team he's long been a huge and [...]
Before every episode of The Vergecast I sit down, read through a bunch of news, and take a bunch of notes. It's one of the most enjoyable parts of my week, and I started thinking it might be fun to do every day on the site. So, every day I'm [...]
It's a shame that we haven't been to the Moon in more than 40 years, because the photos and videos from those trips gave humans an incredible perspective on existence. The imagery that the Apollo 8 astronauts captured of the Earth “rising” over the Moon showed our planet for what [...]
SpaceX announced today that it will be sending two (currently) anonymous citizens to orbit the Moon sometime in 2018. While there's obviously many logistical, technical, and scientific questions that will undoubtedly be asked in the coming days about this venture, we're going to try and answer perhaps the biggest one: [...]
SpaceX has plans to send two private citizens around the Moon, CEO Elon Musk announced today. It will be a private mission with two paying customers, not NASA astronauts, who approached the company. The passengers are “very serious” about the trip and have already paid a “significant deposit,” according to [...]
The owner of an aerial photography business was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine after a drone he was operating crashed into people during a 2015 parade and knocked one woman unconscious. Paul Skinner, 38, was found guilty of reckless endangerment by Judge Willie Gregory of [...]



People will not have to pay mobile data charges to access the online encyclopaedia. [...]
The US rocket company says the customers have already paid for the flight planned for late 2018. [...]
DJI's latest industrial drones use technology that warns if larger aircraft are nearby. [...]
A security firm finds nearly 100,000 hackable smart devices in the city hosting Mobile World Congress. [...]
The worldwide launch of Nokia-branded Android smartphones marks a bold bet to revive the business. [...]
BBC Click speaks to visual effects supervisor Adam Valdez. [...]
Ministers will meet with large technology companies, young people and mental health experts. [...]
A new type of image sensor allows the latest Xperia smartphone to capture video at a record 960 frames per second. [...]
A new type of smartphone sensor that can film at 960 frames per second is featured in a new handset from Sony. [...]
Kurt Schoeffer, head of IT company Auticon, explains why he headhunts autistic people. [...]


Photo by Activites culturelles UdeM.There's no point in reading something if you don't take some of it with you. This simple exercise, when used with diligent note taking, can help you retain more of everything you read.On his blog, James Clear talks about the importance of taking notes while you [...]
Photo by Veronique Debord-Lazaro.Getting a great job at a great company isn't easy, and that means their interview questions are going to be difficult. If you thought the usual interview fare like "tell me about yourself" is tough, wait til you see these.The report, from Glassdoor, includes real questions you'll [...]
Image by Helen.YangChances are you probably already have some sort of morning routine. But maybe there's some room for improvement. On My Morning Routine, you can read hundreds of productive morning routines to see what new habits you can pick up and try infusing into your own.While reading the site, [...]
One of the indisputable virtues of the internet is the availability of free online courses that enable anyone to educate themselves. edX is one such outlet, founded by Harvard and MIT, and offers free, open source courses that are allowing people around the world to get an education that would [...]
Photo by Lili Popper via Unsplash.Where you choose to live is inevitably tied to your line of work, with the living expenses of different cities also factoring in to what sort of salary you can get. The burgeoning and varied field of STEM jobs is no exception when it comes [...]
Summer is almost here, and that means many of the young people out there will be applying for their first jobs and internship opportunities. Many firms follow different processes when it comes to hiring - some use a job portal with an online application you have to fill up while [...]
Photo by Aaron Burden via Unsplash.There's something quite special that happens when we reflect on what we've done. Well, two things, actually. One is that we gain a better understanding of what we've done or learned. The other is that our self-efficacy improves-that is, our belief in our own abilities.This [...]
Image by Walt Stoneburner.In our day to day, it can be hard to focus on the truly important things when everything seems important and to-do lists can be their own sort of hell. Instead of dealing with overwhelm, start by answering, "What would make today great?" to define the things [...]
Limeroad, fashion marketplace for women, rose to prominence as a leading e-commerce platform with its unique approach to personalisation. The five-year-old e-tailer played a clever move by diversifying into the men's category recently, offering Bollywood-themed styles, looks, and scrapbooks for men. And the innovative CEO of this multi-million-dollar company is [...]
Ace fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee started his eponymous label back in 2001 with a workforce of just three people. Today, with a workforce of over 3,000, Sabyasachi is one of the foremost designers in India with his work being admired and adored by millions including top celebrities. The celebrity designer [...]