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As congressional investigations into Russia's role in manipulating the election for President deepens, tech companies are assuming a more central role in the inquiries. Both Twitter and Facebook are stepping up their efforts to cooperate with Congressional investigations into Russian interference with last year's Presidential election. For Twitter, that means [...]
ipsy, a subscription service that delivers a collection of products to its users every month, has spent the last six years building up a community with millions of people obsessed with beauty products. And now that the company has more than 3 million subscribers — with a $10 per month [...]
Flexport handles the boring logistics of a trillion-dollar business: the tranport of shipping containers around the world. Because the work of freight forwarding seemed so bland, it was long ignored by the tech world. But digitizing the paper work let Flexport speed up shipping so clients keep less inventory on [...]
Flexport handles the boring logistics of a trillion-dollar business: the tranport of shipping containers around the world. Because the work of freight forwarding seemed so bland, it was long ignored by the tech world. But digitizing the paper work let Flexport speed up shipping so clients keep less inventory on [...]
Google Cloud Platform announced support for some powerful Nvidia GPUs on Google Compute Engine today. For starters, the company is making Nvidia K80 GPUs generally available. At the same time, it's launching support for Nvidia P100 GPUs in Beta along with a new sustained pricing model. For companies working with [...]
Bose's rumored QC 35 II noise-cancelling headphones are rumored no more: Bose made them official today, revealing the update to the company's popular QC 35 premium noise-cancelling cans. Google worked with Bose to create the new headphones, the company explained in a new blog post, helping to “optimize” the audio accessory [...]
Instagram is making its face filters available for live video streaming through the app, the company announced today. Instagram had introduced face filters, which add visual effects to detected faces, back in May, but until now it was only available on video and images captured first and then posted to [...]
Google is launching a new way for businesses to give new phones to their employees: zero-touch enrollment. Traditionally, when you want to give a new phone to an enterprise user, chances are some poor admin has to deal with ensuring that the device is configured correctly and that all the [...]
Europe's executive body has revealed more of its thinking on reforming digital taxation rules, issuing details of proposals it's considering ahead of another meeting of EU ministers next week. Read More [...]
Nine months after raising $22 million for its unique take on the cash-advance business, Activehours has gone back to the venture capital well and pulled out another $39 million in financing. Led by Andreessen Horowitz, with participation from the company's early-stage investors Matrix Partners, Ribbit Capital, and March Capital Partners, Activehours [...]


An anonymous reader shares a report: Security researchers from Adguard have issued a warning that the popular GO Keyboard app is spying on users. Produced by Chinese developers GOMO Dev Team, GO Keyboard was found to be transmitting personal information about users back to remote servers, as well as "using [...]
An anonymous reader shares a report: Facebook will turn over copies of political ads purchased by Russian sources to congressional lawmakers, who are investigating the country's potential interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Initially, Facebook had only released those ads -- 3,000 of them, valued at about $100,000 -- [...]
Adrianne Jeffries, a reporter at The Outline, writes on W3C's announcement from earlier this week: The trouble with DRM is that it's sort of ineffective. It tends to make things inconvenient for people who legitimately bought a song or movie while failing to stop piracy. Some rights holders, like Ubisoft, [...]
Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against network equipment vendor D-Link saying inadequate security in the company's wireless routers and internet cameras left consumers open to hackers and privacy violations. The FTC, in a complaint filed in the Northern District of California charged that "D-Link failed [...]
The race is on: who will be the first to launch a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund in the United States? From a report, shared by a reader: In Europe, there is already a Bitcoin exchange traded note (ETN) available to investors. In the U.S., it is widely anticipated a Bitcoin ETF [...]
After taking a back seat to consoles for the past few years, personal computers are enjoying a resurgence in gaming, thanks to the popularity of e-sports, customizable machines and faster software releases. From a report: This week's Tokyo Game Show will feature a main-stage tournament for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, a hit [...]
An anonymous reader shares a report: China's widening crackdown on bitcoin trading resulted in a travel ban of sorts for two executives from the country's largest commercial bitcoin exchanges, which regulators are closing down. From a report: On Thursday, top executives of two Chinese digital currency exchanges who were scheduled [...]
An anonymous reader shares a report: NVIDIA's Shield TV promised to be an Android set-top box for gamers, and in that sense, it delivered. The company first released it in 2015, but its updated version cut down on price by bundling the $50 remote in to make the base-tier $200 [...]
Chris Woodyard, writing for USA Today: Hackers made their way into the Security and Exchange Commission's EDGAR electronic filing system last year, retrieving private data that appear to have resulted in "an illicit gain through trading," the agency said. It was only in August that the commission learned that hackers [...]
An anonymous reader shares a report: Hundreds of thousands of computers getting penetrated by a corrupted version of an ultra-common piece of security software was never going to end well. But now it's becoming clear exactly how bad the results of the recent CCleaner malware outbreak may be. Researchers now [...]


Apple executive Craig Federighi has apparently confirmed that a popular 3D Touch gesture for the iPhone that was removed in iOS 11.0 will be returning in an upcoming software update. The gesture was a quick way of getting to the multitasking screen, and required just a firm press on the [...]
A Twitter user found himself perplexed today when he opened an older electrocardiogram measurement instrument and found the components belonged to a Game Boy Advance. The instrument is made by German company Medical Imaging Electronics and uses a wave produced by the ECG to electronically control a separate recording or imaging [...]
In an announcement on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said the company would make changes to ensure political ads on its platform are more transparent. Zuckerberg said it was “maybe the most important step we're taking” Calling it “maybe the most important step we're taking,” Zuckerberg pointed out that political ads online are [...]
Spoilers for season 1 finale of The Good Place. When The Good Place premiered last fall, it arrived in the form of a sort of spiritual My Fair Lady. Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) is dead and has ascended to the show's equivalent of Heaven, aka The Good Place. But Eleanor's placement [...]
In a major reversal, Facebook agreed today to share with Congress more than 3,000 ads linked to a Kremlin-linked group believed to attempted to influence the US political election. The company had previously shared the ads with Robert Mueller, the special counsel currently investigating Russian interference in the presidential election. [...]
Today, Hyperloop One announced it raised an additional $85 million in financing, bringing its total haul to $245 million and a likely valuation of more than $700 million. That's a lot of scratch for a transportation startup with no commercial product, no revenue stream, no government approval, and no proof [...]
“From as early as I can remember, I wanted to swallow the world whole,” first-time filmmaker Jennifer Brea declares at the start of her documentary Unrest. As a young woman, she attended Harvard and then Princeton to study political science. She traveled widely and fell in love. And then she [...]
Hollywood's weaknesses involving diversity and representation have increasingly come under fire in recent years, and no single flashpoint exemplified these issues like the #OscarsSoWhite controversy. In 2015, activist April Reign called out the Academy Awards on Twitter when all 20 acting nominees were white. The hashtag went viral, and essentially [...]
This fall, The Verge is making a choice. The choice is fear! We've decided to embrace the season by taking in as many new horror movies as possible and reporting back on which ones are worth your time. We're calling this series Hold My Hand, as we look at films [...]
Scientists have created a more realistic fake finger that they hope will help them improve fingerprint ID technology. Fingerprint ID is almost ubiquitous now, but they remain the phone's biggest security vulnerability. Fake fingers already exist, but researchers at Michigan State University have created a more advanced version that can [...]



The 21-year-old radical Islamist filmed himself calling British soldiers "baby butchers of the Muslims". [...]
"Gig economy" firm Deliveroo publishes accounts revealing huge losses. [...]
The small satellite industry is the fastest growing part of the space sector "and they all require launch" says Rocket Lab boss Peter Beck. [...]
Equifax mistakenly directed some customers to a fake website via Twitter. [...]
The company behind the technology hopes the new way to pay for goods will appeal to millennials. [...]
Marc Cieslak gets a chance to blast his way through Destiny's 2 campaign mode. [...]
A brain surgeon in the UK has started using 3D printed titanium plates to replace parts of patients' skulls. [...]
Hands-on with Nest's new home security tech, including a doorbell that connects to an app and a security system. [...]
The Taiwanese handset maker has struggled to compete against rivals Apple and Samsung. [...]
The firm - which has the same owner as Google - expands into new product categories after a lull. [...]

LIFEHACKER president Liza Landsman was recently promoted from her role as Jet's Chief Customer Officer. She previously worked in executive roles at Etrade, BlackRock, and Citigroup. She's also on the board of directors of GO! Project, a New York City-based foundation that provides educational opportunities for children in need. We [...]
Photo by Alexas_FotosThe day before you work from home, remember to transfer any important files, as Fast Company points out in their guide to working from home. If you're using a different computer, sync everything over with Dropbox, email, or a USB drive. Even if you're using the same computer, [...]
Image credit: Brett Morrison/FlickrThe dual-monitor setup is an enticing way to make it look like you're extra-productive. Multiple monitors just scream power user. Practically, however, the set-up can be more of a hindrance than a help. What if using a single display allowed you to improve your focus and get [...]
Photo by BreakingpicDealing with anxiety or depression is challenging enough as it is, but trying to be productive at the same time can feel downright impossible, like swimming against a current. There are some small productivity hacks that can help.Over at Peaceful Dumpling, writer Cara Danielle Brown suggests giving yourself [...]
Photo by Steven Pisano.Feeling stressed? Tired? Skipping out on work might seem wrong, but according to one neuroscientist, it could end up making you more productive in the long run.As Dr. Tara Swart explains to Fast Company, taking a little extra time off from work is good for your brain. [...]
Cal Henderson is the co-founder and CTO of Slack, the leading workplace messaging platform, which Henderson's team invented while trying to build an online game called Glitch. That wasn't the first time Henderson and his Slack co-founder Stewart Butterfield set out to build a game and ended up with a [...]
Photo by Bradley Weber.Welcome back to Mid-Week Meditations, Lifehacker's weekly dip into the pool of stoic wisdom, and how you can use its waters to reflect on and improve your life.This week's selection comes from Marcus Aurelius' and his Meditations. He has some thoughts on the things which distract us [...]
Having a goal is easy but staying motivated to achieve it and later to sustain the success is very difficult. Leo Babuta of Zen Habits suggests an interesting way to stay motivated, which is Positive Public Pressure method."While pressure is often seen as a bad thing ("I'm under too much [...]
Image credit: PexelsThe term mansplaining is relatively new, but the concept is an old one. If you're not familiar, the term refers to when someone (most often a man, thus mansplain) explains something to someone (typically a female) in a condescending or patronizing way. If you're a woman, then chances [...]
Airlines and airport Chief Information Officers (CIOs), including in India, are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support their customer service, a new report said on Thursday.Over the next three years, 52 per cent of airlines plan major AI programmes with 45 per cent of airports to invest in research [...]