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Fraugster, a German and Israeli startup that has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to help eliminate payment fraud, has raised $5 million in funding. Earlybird led the round, alongside existing investors Speedinvest, Seedcamp and an unnamed large Swiss family office. The new capital will be used to add to Fraugster's [...]
Jack Ma of Alibaba
Just weeks after revealing its first court case against sellers of counterfeit goods, Alibaba has again pledged to increase its focus on fake goods after it announced a partnership with 20 global consumer brands. Read More [...]
Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
Samsung is still getting over the Galaxy Note 7, but already an investigation into alleged bribery in its native South Korea is threatening to plunge it into yet another crisis. Read More [...]
Big data, conceptual illustration.
Well, 2016 is officially in the past. Between the election drama, the stock markets tossing and turning, celebrities moving on and Harambe, it was a doozy. Read More [...]
man with a light bulb over his head
Shifts in a rapidly changing retail world and dramatic changes in consumer behavior continue to be a challenge for some traditional retailers. Legacy retailers that have remained stagnant with their old-guard ways are struggling to maintain sales and stay relevant with today's consumer. The successful brands all have one thing [...]
Why don't we set our goals around giving sincerely and unconditionally in our personal lives and careers. Forget about what you want to receive back — the universe returns back a more meaningful and lasting ROI than any other market ever could. Read More [...]
Bright, pastel colors of  houses in  a neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico (Photo: KenWiedemann/iStock/Getty Images)
Puerto Rico is steeped in more than $70 billion of debt that has been accruing for the better part of a decade. As part of its new economic development plan, Puerto Rican officials are looking to technology and entrepreneurship to revitalize the economy, attract its bright minds back to the [...]
New consumer-facing financial applications are being built on top of old banking infrastructure, while other startups are going around financial infrastructure altogether. Together, they are unbundling the roles of banks and other financial incumbents. Read More [...]
Aptonomy security drone
Drones feel a bit like old news already, don't they? At least in the Valley, with its hyper-fragmented mayfly attention span. The military has used them for decades. DJI, the undisputed (consumer) polycopter industry leader, was founded in 2006. We tech journalists can't stop talking about drones, but they're still [...]
Everywhere you turn these days, there's talk of automation replacing people. Technology is surely advancing at a rapid rate, and in today's click-driven media environment, sensationalism sells, but just because tech can replace a human worker doesn't mean we're always going to want that. In some instances, even when tech [...]


An anonymous reader quotes Engadget: One big problem with lithium-ion batteries is that they have the tendency to catch fire and blow up all kinds of gadgets like toys and phones. To solve that issue, a group of researchers from Stanford University created lithium-ion batteries with built-in fire extinguishers. They added [...]
Remember how Microsoft switched to cumulative updates? Now Computerworld points out that that's bringing another change. An anonymous reader quotes their report: Microsoft next month will stop issuing detailed security bulletins, which for nearly 20 years have provided individual users and IT professionals information about vulnerabilities and their patches... A searchable [...]
An anonymous reader quotes InfoWorld: A massive set of changes to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) was rolled into Windows Insider build 15002... If this is any hint, Microsoft's goal is nothing short of making it a credible alternative to other Linux distributions... Some of the fixes also implement functionality [...]
Phil Ivey is a professional poker player who's won ten World Series of Poker bracelets -- but he's also got a new game. An anonymous reader write: In 2012, Ivey requested that the Borgata casino let him play baccarat with an assistant named Cheng Yin Sun while using a specific brand [...]
An anonymous reader quotes MacRumors: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Thursday reopened a longstanding patent lawsuit related to Samsung copying the design of the iPhone nearly six years ago...according to court documents filed electronically this week... Apple's damages were calculated based on Samsung's entire profit from [...]
"We're excited to double down on the findings of Ready to Code 1," says one Google program manager, "by equipping librarians with the knowledge and skills to cultivate computational thinking and coding skills in our youth." theodp writes: Citing the need to fill "500,000 current job openings in the field of computer [...]
schwit1 quotes the Associated Press: There's a new thrill on the streets of downtown Las Vegas, where high- and low-rollers alike are climbing aboard what officials call the first driverless electric shuttle operating on a public U.S. street. The oval-shaped shuttle began running Tuesday as part of a 10-day pilot [...]
Drawing on Haskell, Clojure, and ML, the new Lux language first targeted the Java Virtual Machine, but will be a universal, cross-platform language. An anonymous reader quotes JavaWorld: Currently in an 0.5 beta release, Lux claims that while it implements features common to Lisp-like languages, such as macros, they're more [...]
Long-time Slashdot reader t0qer writes: I'm the IT director at a medical marijuana dispensary. Last week the point of sales system we were using was hacked... What scares me about this breach is, I have about 30,000 patients in my database alone. If this company has 1,000 more customers like me, [...]
There's been a dramatic change in one of the world's least-connected countries. An anonymous reader quotes the AP: Since the summer of 2015, the Cuban government has opened 240 public Wi-Fi spots in parks and on street corners across the country... The government estimates that 100,000 Cubans connect to the internet [...]


The @realDonaldTrump handle is the most notorious account in Twitter's brief history, and it appears as though its owner and author isn't yet ready to let it go. NBC News' Kelly O'Donnell reports word directly from the transition team of US president-elect Donald Trump that he will continue to use [...]
A South Korean prosecutor is seeking the arrest of Lee Jae-yong, the Samsung vice-chairman and heir apparent, as part of a corruption scandal that has engulfed the nation and led to the impeachment of its president, Park Geun-hye. Prosecutors accuse Samsung of donating tens of millions of dollars to non-profit [...]
Last week, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission, seeking permission to run experiments on a number of frequency bands that might have some connection to the company's work with delivery drones. The application requests permission for a “five-month experimental special temporary authority to operate on selected” frequencies [...]
Now that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been out in theaters for a month, the veil of secrecy has been lifted and we've learned quite about about how the film came together. This is pretty typical for most movies, save for the fact that Rogue One went through [...]
Jude Law evidently isn't a child of the internet. Despite playing the Church's holiest supervillain in HBO's The Young Pope, Law was unprepared for how easily the show could be turned into memes. In fact, he had no idea what memes were before the show starting popping up in them. [...]
Google has a lot of self-driving cars that have driven a lot of miles, but so far, no commercial use for them. But that could change if the Silicon Valley giant pursues its rumored plans of developing an autonomous ride-sharing network to compete with Uber and Lyft. Recently, Google filed [...]
Cars as far as the eye can see Continue reading… [...]
Leah Reich was one of the first internet advice columnists. Her column "Ask Leah" ran on IGN, where she gave advice to gamers for two and a half years. During the day, Leah is Slack's user researcher, but her views here do not represent her employer. How to be Human [...]
A year after it announced that it would no longer use elephants in its performances, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will hold its final performances in May of this year. The Cirus's parent company, Feld Entertainment Inc, revealed that it would hold its final shows in at the [...]
It's like the world's most complicated LEGO set and I can't stop staring Continue reading… [...]



The move follows Lee Jae-yong being quizzed as a suspect in the country's presidential corruption scandal. [...]
How BlaBlaCar created a global transport network with empty car seats. [...]
How BlaBlaCar created a global transport network with empty car seats. [...]
Facebook is rolling out new tools in Germany to help combat the spread of fabricated news stories. [...]
Pioneering scientist and programmer Joyce Wheeler looks back on her time spent using Edsac - one of the first modern computers [...]
The US SpaceX rocket company resumes operations after a launch pad explosion in September. [...]
Production of Aston Martin cars is to resume at a Buckinghamshire plant. [...]
Gaming expert Dan Maher has spent all day on the new Nintendo Switch console, making him one of the first people to review it. [...]
A study suggests screen time may improve teenagers' wellbeing - up to a point. [...]
An award winning dog, rescued in Transylvania, was trained over instant messaging service WhatsApp, before coming to the UK. [...]


Professional environments may seem like the last place to try out your latest joke, but a recent study suggests jokes can make you seem more confident and capable-even if your joke flops.The study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, incorporated three different experiments and suggests demonstrating your [...]
The beginning of the year is a great time to make sure you're being paid what you're worth, and if you find out it's about time you had a chat with your boss about how much you make, PayScale has a few simple scripts and conversation starters to help you [...]
Having a mentor is a good way to push your career forward, but at their core mentorships aren't just about making connections, they can actually save you a lot of time and mistakes if you take the time to learn from them.The whole point of a mentorship is to learn [...]
We all have mornings where we want nothing more than to stay in our beds, warm and comfortable, all day. If you're having a morning like that, stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius suggests you look to your true nature as a human being.We are animals, living things that are a part [...]
Arianna Huffington just wants to get some rest but she's not lying down yet. Last year she left her namesake site to start a new company called Thrive Global, taking aim at rectifying the chronic stress and burnout that has become standard in many industries.The change wasn't out of left [...]
It's easy to forget that job interviews aren't just an evaluation of you as a candidate, they're also a chance for you to get a sense of the company and team you could work with. Look for these warning signs during your next interview to make sure you're getting into [...]
scruffycoxendale's home office is more than just one desk with a computer on it, although it's definitely nice. A quick look around the room shows off some other great gear, including a lovely record collection, a media server for the house, and more.The whole setup is nice, and if you're [...]
You probably already have a morning routine, where you get up, clean up, get ready for the day, and head out the door. What you may be missing is a morning ritual, or something you do to set the stage for the day and start yourself off on a positive [...]
Every day your work gets interrupted by emails, phone calls, and conversations with your boss. To work with focus, instead of reactively, start your day by deciding the three things you want to get done each day.As advice site The Art of Manliness explains, you have some time at the [...]
Recomendo is an email newsletter from the editors at Cool Tools filled with interesting recommendations about useful tools, interesting books, and more. And it's particularly succinct.Cool Tools is a site by Kevin Kelly which, broadly speaking, recommends useful tools that range from apps to websites to actual mechanical tools. Their [...]